The Author

Dr Frank Cole was a British General Practitioner for 34 years and found many consultations had stress at their heart.  Even what appeared to be purely medical problems featured stress.  He became used to extended consultations as he helped patients explore their situation and develop techniques for managing both their illness and the implications it had for the rest of their lives.  In about 1994 he was asked to give a talk about managing stress to a church group.  That went well, so he did it again when the opportunity came.  Those who attended said it was useful. However, as it was impossible to fit in all he would have liked to share, he then developed a 4-session course.  That became Stress Management Seminars that have been held for twenty years.

And out of all these experiences came the material and impetus to develop this website.

The drawings are by Su Aston.  Thank you, Su.

Videography is by Ray Mole.  Thank you, Ray.

Photographs are from or other free-to-use sources unless the owner is designated.

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