Delving Deeper

Are you just visiting – dipping and diving to get a taste of what this module is about?  Welcome! Carry on.

Bear in mind though that the pages in this module are primarily written for those who have already completed the Getting Started and Moving Forward modules.

The Delving Deeper module is for advanced learners of stress management as it assumes you have completed the Getting Started and Moving Forward modules.  By ‘completed,’ I mean more than that you have read all the pages.  I mean you have done the exercises, applied the material to your own stresses, learnt how to cope with much of the stresses in your life and have a confident grasp of how to handle stress when it occurs.  That has probably taken you some months – at least 3 months, I guess, but more likely 6-12 months.

Once you have completed the Getting Started module and have a measure of control over your stress, urgency should no longer be a driving force.  Time for reflection, exploring, learning new techniques and developing new habits all take time.  ‘Hasten slowly’ has been the watchword since progressing to Moving Forward.

You should still have the goal of overcoming your stresses or at least controlling them, but now it is more like taking a journey stage by stage.  Focus on each stage, explore, reflect and even enjoy!

Mining deep into your inner being and life history

In the Delving Deeper module you will cover topics that have been mentioned in passing but now is the time to explore them at greater depth and consecutively.

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