Before Facing the Storm

As dealing with stress is stressful you need to think clearly, stay focussed and keep emotionally calm – but at the moment your mind is a mess.  So before anything else here are some exercises to do – these will take only a few minutes and they will help you calm down and straighten your mind.

Neck exercises


Neck exercises – Tip


While sitting comfortably, back straight, head up and shoulders down, gently tip your head forward onto your chest and let it bounce up and down a few times, no more than five.  You may feel some tightness but if it is painful back off and do it more gently.  Then tip you head back as far as is comfortable and again bounce it gently a few times.  




2. Turn

Neck exercises – Turn


Bring your head back to a neutral position.  Now turn your head to look over one shoulder.  Go as far as is comfortable and then bounce backwards and forwards a few times feeling a little tightness perhaps but not causing any pain.  Repeat the same movement looking over the other shoulder. 



3. Tilt

Neck exercises – Tilt



Bring you head back to a neutral position.  Bend your head to one side with your ear toward your shoulder and again bounce your head a few times.  Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.




That is it! It takes only a minute or two but is effective in easing tension. Any tension headaches will be eased! And when you ease tension in your muscles it eases emotional tension too. Keep doing these exercises. Whenever you feel tense or are getting confused or distressed spend a few minutes relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles. It helps!

Controlled breathing

Controlled breathing


While sitting comfortably breathe in deeply and slowly; hold it for a few seconds then breathe out slowly. Repeat the process a few times then stop and wait quietly for a few moments.

That is it!

Repeat this whenever you feel yourself starting to panic.





Now here is a prayer for you to say.


You know what a mess I am in.  I do not know where to turn.  Please help me.  Help me to learn from this website.  Please calm my mind and help me to think straight.  Help me to get on top of my troubles.

In Jesus’ name.



Pause for thought

These exercises only take  a few minutes but they help you slow down and relax physically, emotionally and spiritually.  That prepares you and helps you focus so you are better equipped to deal with what lies ahead.

If you have time stay here for a few minutes longer and repeat these exercises.  This is not only for their immediate benefit but also as a learning exercise as you will need to incorporate these exercises into your life so they become an automatic tool you use whenever you are faced with a stressful situation.

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