Where next

That brings us to the end of this ‘Getting Started’ section.  I doubt your stresses are all resolved, though hopefully some may no longer need any attention and you have a better handle on others.  However, you may have found a few more you were not really aware about.

More than anything, I hope you feel more confident about your ability to cope and have a better idea about how to cope in future.

Go over ‘Getting Started’ a few times.  There will be things you missed as you sorted out the first problem or two.  Now other issues will come to the fore and will need a different emphasis.

Bear in mind, ‘Getting Started’ is, as it says, just the introduction to the website. There is lots more.  As well as sorting out your problems as they arise you will need also to think about the need to do some proactive work BEFORE you get stressed.  That, and more, comes in ‘Moving Forward’ the next section in this website.

See you there!

And now a prayer of thanks.  Well, did God come through for you?  If so it is appropriate to acknowledge that.


Thank you for hearing my prayer.  Thank you for the peace I have experienced and the helpful ideas that have come to mind.

Please continue to guide and look after me.  I need you.

In Jesus name.


Finally, please provide some feedback for me.

Thank you.  Your comments will be read and taken into consideration when planning updates to the website.

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