Pause for Thought 5

These last few pages have covered a lot of ground that is important if you are to take control of your stresses but it is knowing when to use the individual techniques.  You will grow into this over time.

First you need to know about them.  Check you have covered each page. Done that?

Second, practice using them even when you are not sure it is relevant. It is mainly to gain the experience. Done that?

Third, come back to them when you think about it and remind yourself about them.  You may find you have already been incorporating some aspects into your life, almost without thinking about it.  Great!  That is one of the purposes of this website.  Done that?

Fourth, next time you go through a stressful time there is now a good chance you will have these techniques ready to use to help you through.  This is all a process of learning and developing knowledge, skills and attitudes that slowly get incorporated into your life so coping with stress just comes naturally.  Keep doing that.

If I just say ‘exercises’ and ‘oasis’ can you fill in the gaps and do what you need to do?

Now, after taking on board all this information and insights it is time to pause and do the following exercise so you can assess the progress you have made.

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