The Causes of Stress

You have learned something more in the last few pages about the general management of stress whatever its cause, by improving your ability to take control of your stressful situation.

Now we will turn to investigating how stress develops and some of the common causes of stress.  This will help you understand why your stresses happen when they happen. That then means you will be in a better position to develop ways of preventing stress or doing something about it before it gets out of hand.  You will also be better able to recognise your personal danger points when you are most at risk of becoming stressed. Your sense of control will be developed further.  More empowerment!

As always, while reading these pages be alert to how it relates to your own situation. That may not always be obvious, especially the first time round. Be prepared to revisit the pages and explore them again, particularly when life has moved on and you face a new batch of stresses.

The topics covered are:

How Stress Develops


Categorize Stress

The Layering of Stress




Work through them consecutively.  Do not rush. Pause frequently to assess what you read and apply it to your own situation. Keep a note of memories that come to mind and revisit them to explore their significance.

Why has that memory popped up now?

What does it have to do with what I am reading?

How does it relate to my current experience of stress?

Learning to manage stress effectively depends, in part, on a voyage of self-discovery, learning how your experiences in life have moulded you into the person you are.

Self-knowledge leads to better understanding and that improves your ability to control your life.  You will develop more coping skills so you can move forward with greater confidence.

As you move through these topics keep doing the exercises and visit your oases of calm.  Do them especially before each session on this website, do them whenever you stop to reflect and again at the end of your session.

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