Managing Stress

In this Moving Forward module, you have explored how to take control of your sense of being stressed.  You then investigated some aspects of the causes of stress.

You will now learn about techniques that can be useful in  managing your stress, so you overcome or at least control  your life situation.

We covered this topic in Getting Started/Techniques for Managing Stress where a large range of techniques were briefly mentioned. Now we will look at some techniques in more depth. These include:

Managing Change


Changing Habits

Time Management

Strategies that Do Not Work.

In due course more topics will be published.

With each technique it is important to relate it to your stresses and any similar experience you have had in the past.  Take time to reflect. Recall memories.  Maybe talk about your memories with those who were involved in them with you.

What might you have done differently knowing what you now know?

Is there anything in those memories that is still relevant that you need to ‘fix’ in some way so you can put to rest the past and move on?

There are some exercises to do that will keep you occupied for a while and at other times you will need to take time out to explore related issues for yourself.

Take your time. Go at a pace that suits you.

Keep doing the exercises and visit your Oases of Calm.  Do them especially before each session on this website, whenever you stop to reflect and always at the end of your session.

Here is a prayer for you to say:

Dear God,

Thank you for being with me and for the measure of understanding I now have.

Please stay with me and help me to recognise what especially relates to my needs now and what I should leave to a future occasion.

I trust in you.

In Jesus name.


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