Pause for Thought 1

Before you move on, reflect on what you have learnt from Fred and his stresses emphasising especially what applies to you and your stresses.

Here are my suggestions, that are not in any particular order:

  1. Stresses rarely come alone.
  2. Once stressed about one thing I seem to collect more and more stresses.
  3. Brooding about stresses does not help. I just get more miserable.
  4. I go into ‘stress mode’ and find it impossible to break out.
  5. I notice that stresses are a jumble of facts, experiences, events, feelings, impressions, memories, etc. so it is never a matter of comparing like with like.
  6. I do not recognise the stresses that really need urgent attention until I have checked out all the stresses I am experiencing.
  7. When I investigate my stresses I sometimes find I have more than expected.
  8. I cannot sort out my stresses in a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

A feature of this website is that I will suggest you pause from time to time and reflect on what you have been doing.  Here is the first ’Pause for Thought.’  Pausing to reflect on what you have covered is crucial to get the most benefit from this website.  Remember, it is all about SelfCare – training yourself to control the pressures and cares of life that you experience.

My observations are intended to point you in the right direction.  Your personal observations are the most important.  It is even better if you write them down or record them in some other way so you can come back to them.  You may then wish to add or modify them and it will give you a stepping stone to help you move on.

Take your time.  Even sleep on it and come back to this exercise on another day.

And remember to keep doing your neck and breathing exercises!

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