Pause for Thought 2

Take Control, the first section of Moving Forward, is not directly about managing stress but rather deals with how stress affects you and how you can improve your ability to manage stress by good preparation.  These topics will help you cope in the long term.  They are not so helpful in the immediacy of a stressful emergency.  For that, you need to go back to the Getting Started module.

We will move on to other topics but keep doing the exercises and develop your oases of calm.  Develop the habit of doing the neck and breathing exercises and spend a few moments in your ‘oasis’ whenever you open this website to continue the programme.

And keep doing the exercises daily.  Not once but many times.  Especially whenever you see stress building up or when it dominates your thoughts.  OK, you are on the train and people will wonder why you are twisting your neck about!  Embarrassing?  Not at all!  They are all wrapped up in their own world of stress and if they happen to notice what you are doing they may well think, ‘Hey, that is a good idea.  Wow! She does look more relaxed.  Hmmm.  I think I will try that.’  My dream is that buses and trains should be full of people doing exercises like this.  What a good use of travelling time!

When you are ready, move onto the next section in which you will discover something more about the causes of stress.

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