Stress SelfCare – my impression of your first impressions

Stress SelfCare has been in the making for 12 months but only in September 2018 was it ‘opened for business’ – and then mainly among friends and contacts.

There have been 370 visitors so far.  According to the user analysis (all anonymous as email addresses were not recorded) most dip and dive and only a few are working through the ‘Getting Started’ module.  I was expecting that, as stress is stressful so it is natural to want a ‘quick fix’ so you can move on or get back to normal as soon as possible.  Who wants to hang around and be reminded about stress and how awful it is!

Hopefully, you have found some help and know where to come when it recurs (sorry, it would have been nice to have said, ‘if it recurs,’ but stress is inevitable).  It is a feature of normal life so I expect you will return.

Carry on dipping and diving and get the help you can as quick as you can.

You will recognise when it is not working and that is when you will need to devote more time to managing your stress.  THEN, you need to start at the beginning and work your way through the module, Getting Started.  This takes time – probably at least a month and possibly six months, depending on how complicated your stresses are and how much time you can devote to the stress of managing your stresses.  Do not concentrate entirely on the stress that is giving you most trouble but also think about all the other aspects of your life that contribute to your sense of being stressed at one time or another. Sorting out some minor stresses can give your self-confidence and determination a helpful boost.

My best wishes on your journey.


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